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A Family Pack of VEGA Vitamin D Products

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Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and promotes healthy bones, teeth and muscle growth, as well as supporting our immune system. Our primary source of vitamin D is bright sunshine on the skin.  However, in the British winter it’s actually impossible to get the required amount of sunshine to enable the skin to make adequate vitamin D levels.

As a result, the UK Government recommends that people of all ages supplement their Vitamin D intake throughout the winter months. 

UK vitamin expert VEGA Nutritionals has created a vitamin D3 supplement solution to make sure that everyone in the family gets the correct levels of vitamin D; with formats to suit every need.  The new VEGA range offers unique, technologically advanced, clinically proven vitamin D3 products with formats to suit every need.

VEGA EveryDay-D gives your recommended daily dose of Vitamin D in a single tablet or spray.  You can choose a tasty blackcurrant-favoured chewable tablet or an orange-flavoured spray format. 

Containing the same daily dose, VEGA Infant-D is a favourless drop, designed to give babies from birth to three years old a quick and easy boost, as recommended by the Department of Health.

VEGA Urgent-D contains 2,000IU (50 micrograms), an intensive dose for adults wishing to supplement at a higher level, and is available in a refreshing mint spray format.

Nine lucky winners will receive a family pack of VEGA Vitamin D products (RRP £33.75; vegavitamins). This includes two Infant-D spray, two EveryDay-D sprays and an Urgent-D spray.

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